When Does the teeth needs a filling?


1) First the decay start in the enamel layer of the tooth, this is called a superfacial decay which can be treated very safely and easily during this first stage.

2) When the decay progress to the next layer (Dentin), the Dentin is a very soft layer, and when bacteria enters the Dentin, the progress of the caries becomes very fast, and sometimes painful.

3) the idea behind Cosmotic Dental Fillings is to remove the decay and then fill the tooth with a white filling like the tooth colour.


What is a Cosmetic Dental Filling?


Cosmetic Dental Filling is a type of tooth filling material, that have the ability to have the same colour as the teeth and also can blend in with the tooth, and binds with the tooth strongly.

This Picture show the difference between the Amalgam filling and the cosmetic fillings, as we can see the cosmetic filling have the same tooth color and can blend with the tooth.

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