What Are Dental Veneers?


Dental Veneers is known by many names, as Hollywood Smile, Dental Lenses and Lumineers, all are names to the same concept which is Dental veneers.

They are Very thin (0.2-0.3mm thickness) E-max All Ceramic Porcelain, they are only way to achieve the perfect smile makeover that u desire so much!!

They can treat Spaces between Teeth, small teeth or large (bulky) teeth, they can also treat yellow teeth, and provide patient with an entirly new smile in very little time!!

In Apollonia Dental Clinic you will enjoy guarentee for 7 years, a warrenty card with your name on it and a serial number made only for you from the Dental Veneers Company located in Egypt!

Before And After Photos: 

What Is The Removable Hollywood Smile?


Removable Hollywood Smile are called Snap-On Smile, the are removable smiles made for events there are some advantages and disadvantages to them.


– They are a very cheap alternative to Permanent Hollywood Smile to achieve a white smile.

– They provide the same degree of whiteness that the Hollywood smile provide.


– They are made of a form of plastic (Acrylic) material so they are not strong , they are  ONLY COSMETIC.

– You can’t eat with them as eating will tear the plastic and damage the Snap-On.


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