Why Does The Tooth Need Root Canal Therapy?


1) The cavity first starts at the Enamel area of the tooth.

2) the bacteria then spread inside the cavity to reach the root canal.

3) the bacteria spread inside the root canal causing pain and may cause abscess.

Start of the cavity

Bacteria reach the root canal


What is the idea behind Root canal therapy?


1) First the tooth is anesthetized , then the doctor remove the bacteria inside the cavity untill he reach the root canal, after that he remove the inflamed nerve and clean the root.

Nerve Removal

Root Cleaning

2) The Doctor then fills the root canal, and the cavity in the tooth, and a Dental Crown is fabricated to keep the tooth safe from breaking. 

Root Canal Filling

White Filling for cavity 

Technology in Apollonia Dental Clinic?


 In Apollonia Dental Clinic we use the most advanced technologies possible in root canal treatment by using Apex locator, u can learn more about it in the video where I explain the importance and the benefits of using it.

How Do you know the you need root canal therapy?


1) Pain in your teeth with hot drinks.

2) Pain in your teeth without any reason and suddenly, and doesn’t go away with Painkillers.

3) Pain in your teeth that makes you wake up for a deep sleep.

4)Pain in your teeth when you lay down.

*you shouldnt feel all those reason in one single teeth, the most common complaint is waking up during a deep sleep because of the pain, or inability to sleep because of the pain.

Instructions after root canal therapy:


1) You may feel slight pain after your root canal therapy that last from 3 days to 1 week, and decrease gradually daily.

2) You can take Painkillers if you need to.

3)There might be some pain during biteing in this case you need to visit the Dentist.

4) After the root canal therapy the tooth can break very easily while eating, so you have to make a Dental Crown to protect your teeth.

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