Teeth Whitening


Teeth Whitening is one of the most searched phrases in google search engine! it is searched for more then 300,000 times per month!! yes per month. that’s is just how important it is to patients seeking cosmetic appearnce.

At Apollonia Dental Clinic we only use the best teeth whitening system world wide and that is ZOOM! Bleaching. zoom bleaching is the most powerful system world wide for teeth whitening and cosmetic appearence, of course not like the dental veneers but it can provide satisfactory tooth whitening result for the right patient and the right case.

in Apollonia Dental Clinic we choose only cases that we are sure will be satisfactory!

What Is Zoom Bleaching?


Zoom Bleaching is a system made in the USA by Phillips for Teeth Whitening , it is the best whitening system world wide, and the most asked for system by patients world wide for:

1) It offers satisfactory Teeth Whitening experiance for all the patients worldwide

2) It offer the LEAST teeth sensitivity after teeth whitening.

3) Zoom Bleaching whitening system lasts about 2 years, before you need to renew it, which is the longest duration worldwide.  

4) it is extreamly safe for your teeth.


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